Rate Schedules

CVEC works hard to keep electric rates as low as possible for its members.

For more details click on the appropriate rate schedules below for PDF versions. You may also contact our Member Service Dept. for more information about our rates.

Schedule A - Farm and Home Service (PDF) Available to members for electric service provided to their homes, farms, and churches.

Schedule B - General Service (PDF) Available to all members not qualifying for Residential Service and whose service has load requirements not exceeding 50 KVA on more than one occasion in 12 consecutive months. 

Schedule LP - Large Power Service (PDF) Available to members located on or near the Cooperative's three-phase lines whose load requirements exceed 50 KVA on more than one occasion in 12 consecutive months.  

Schedule LPM - Large Power Market Service (PDF) Available to members with a minimum of five (5) MW peak load who commit to market purchases and faciliites provided according to terms of the Excess Facilities Schedule EF. (Appendix A)

Schedule SW - Seasonal Winter Service (PDF) Available in conjunction with the Cooperative's Schedule LP for electric service furnished to consumers of the Cooperative who

  1. establish a peak demand of at least 500 kW on one or more occasions during the winter months of November through March,
  2. establish a maximum peak demand during the summer months of April through October that is seventy percent (70%) or less than the maximum peak demand established during the preceding winter months, and
  3. require energy during the winter months that equals or exceeds sixty percent (60%) of their total kilowatt-hour energy use for the most recent twelve months ending October 31.

Schedule I - Commercial and Industrial Service (PDF) Available to members who contract to pay for a peak demand of 1500 KW or more of alternating current electricity.

Schedule SHL - Street, Highway and Homestead Lighting Service (PDF) Available to members for street, highway, and homestead lighting.

Schedule C - Power Cost Adjustment Rider (PDF) This charge defines the monthly adjustment to the energy component of all rate schedules and is adjusted each calendar year.

Renewable Energy Certificates Rider R (PDF) This Rider is available on a voluntary basis as a "companion rate" to any member who contracts with the Cooperative for the purchase and retirement of renewable energy certificates.

Please fill out our Renewable Energy Rider Sign-Up Sheet (PDF) and return to CVEC if you are interested in participating in this program.

Schedule PE - Prepaid Electric Service (PDF) Prepaid Service is a payment choice for our members and is totally voluntary, allowing members to make payments into an account to cover the cost of future energy usage. This service is not available to you if you:

  • Are enrolled in Net Metering (ie: if you have renewable energy facilities connected to the CVEC system).
  • Are enrolled and wish to remain in the Budget Billing Program.
  • Have terminated the Prepaid service within the last 12 months.
  • Have a Serious Medical Condition Certificate filed with CVEC.
  • Have a service larger than 200 amps.
  • Are utilizing and wish to continue automatic bank draft payments.

Introduction to Net Metering

More info about Net Metering and CVEC's Guidelines can be read here.

NEM-10 Net Energy Metering Rider (PDF) This rider applies to any member operating energy-producing systems which are interconnected and operated in parallel with an electric company's transmission and distribution facilities.



The rules by which Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is governed are spelled out in its Bylaws (PDF). The current bylaws were approved by the membership in June of 2016.

​Terms and Conditions

The Commission has also approved terms and conditions under which the CVEC will provide electric distribution service to its members. The Cooperative's Terms and Conditions (PDF) were filed with the Commission August 6, 2018.

Public Notice

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative - Notice of Proposed Amendment to the SCC's Regulations Governing Net Metering - PUR-2021-00251

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative - Notice of Application for Gladstone to Tower Hill 138kV Rebuild Project - PUR-2021-00016

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative - Application for Gladstone to Tower Hill 138kV Rebuild Project - PUR-2021-00016 Vol. 1 of 2

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative - Application for Gladstone to Tower Hill 138kV Rebuild Project - PUR-2021-00016 Vol. 2 of 2

Streamlined Rate Case Rules - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Case No. PUR-2020-00023

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative’s Appomattox County Broadband Project

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative Rate Case Filing