When are you coming to my house?

If you are a CVEC member and have not signed up for service, please visit fireflyva.com for more information.

I don’t want to call two different companies.  Why can’t CVEC answer all my questions?

Virginia state regulations do not allow CVEC to sell internet service.  The rules do allow CVEC to own a subsidiary that can engage in any legal business in Virginia.  This rule requires that we create Firefly, owned by the members of CVEC, to sell the internet service.  CVEC also cannot share any joint marketing with Firefly, so we cannot provide pricing or other service information related to Firefly products.  CVEC is building and will own the fiber optic cable, so CVEC can answer questions about the fiber build and about which contractors you are seeing in your area.  For any questions about internet services or to request service, please do not call CVEC.  Firefly contact info can be found on its website at www.fireflyva.com.

You say this is a huge project, but how big is it really?

The fiber build project was by far the largest project ever undertaken by CVEC since it began building the first power lines in 1937.  Our entire cooperative employs 105 people to handle all normal business.  The fiber project had more than 175 people, almost all contractors, working every day in design, material management, administration, make ready construction, fiber construction and other aspects of the job.  As one example, there were three people who work full-time just submitting information and managing the permits necessary for our construction.  As one other example, in a normal year CVEC replaces about 150 to 200 poles due to normal maintenance and line upgrades; the make ready work for this project required replacing about 1,600 to 2,000 poles each year.  This was a huge project.

How will the fiber come into my house? How does voice over IP work? Can I get video or cable services? How does video streaming work? What speed do I need?

All of these are questions are for Firefly, not CVEC.  CVEC built the fiber network from its substation all the way to the outside of your house.  Firefly leases that system and then performs the home installation and sells services.

I have electric service from another company.  Can I get Firefly internet?

The short answer is that CVEC will not build fiber into other electric provider service areas to deliver service in those areas.  Firefly and other internet providers can build in those areas and you should visit their websites for any information on builds outside of the CVEC system.

Construction Process

Construction of a fiber optic network is a complex and lengthy process. Read more here.


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