Pay My Bill

By Phone:

Call 800-367-2832, Option 2. Follow the prompts to make a credit/debit card or bank draft payment.

By Web:

Sign up and pay bills through the Online Member Account Portal, using your CVEC account number found on your bill.

Payment Kiosks:

Visit any of our CVEC offices, where you can pay your bill 24/7 using our Payment Kiosks. Payments can be made using credit/debit cards, checks, or cash (no change is given). Read more about CVEC Payment Kiosks here.

Automatic Bank Draft:

Sign up to have your payment drafted from your checking account each month. You will receive a monthly bill stating your charges and the date the funds will be drafted. Complete and return the sign-up form, along with a voided check, to CVEC, PO Box 247, Lovingston, VA 22949. Download the sign-up form here.

By Mail:

Send a check to CVEC 7-10 days before your payment is due. Address payments to CVEC, Department 1340, PO Box 2153, Birmingham, AL 35287-1340. This is the bank payment processing center for CVEC. Your payment must be mailed 7-10 days before your due date to ensure that we receive it on time.

In Person: (Currently Unavailable)

Visit any of our CVEC offices. You can pay your bill by check or cash in person. To protect member privacy, CVEC does not process credit or debit card payments in our offices. You can always pay with a card at one of our kiosks, online, or by phone.

Automatic Payments:

CVEC members can set up automatic payments two ways:

  • Automatic Bank Draft
    For more information, reference All Payment Methods above.
  • Recurring online payments with a credit/debit card
    For more information, reference Electronic Payments below.

CVEC Prepaid:

Wouldn’t it be easier to make a weekly or bi-weekly payment for electricity, rather than one large payment each month? CVEC now offers a prepaid option for members on residential and farm accounts. CVEC Prepaid works like a prepaid cell plan: you pay up-front for electricity you will use later. Just like a prepaid cell service, you’ll receive notifications before you run out of electricity.

View the Prepaid Checklist here or view the printable brochure here.A graphic of a present being open with a light bulb sticking out.

Give a Gift of Comfort & Convenience:

Looking for a special gift for someone in your family, community or congregation? Download a copy of the CVEC Gift Certificate Request Form. Fill it out and return it to CVEC with a check for the amount of your gift. CVEC will create a certificate for you to give the recipient ... or we will mail the certificate for you should you choose to make the gift anonymously. Help make someone's year ahead a bit more comfortable!

Fuel Assistance:

CVEC encourages members who are having trouble paying their monthly energy bill to call 211 to learn about local services and assistance in their area.



How We Meter & Bill

CVEC reads meters on a daily basis and the usage data is sent back to our substation via the powerlines. But once a month, we convert a monthly read into a bill for services used.

  • On a monthly cycle, we bill each account for the month’s kilowatt-hour consumption.
  • After the bill is issued, the member has 20 days to pay for the previous month’s usage.
  • In another 10 days, the next monthly reading is taken and another bill is issued. If the prior bill has not been paid, the new bill includes the current due amount and the past due amount, and a 10-day Disconnection Notice is printed on this bill.

While most members pay their bill on time, a very small portion do not. Once a disconnection notice is printed, CVEC will attempt to contact members by automated phone calls if we have a phone number on file. The recorded voice will ask you to please contact the Co-op about your bill. Most members call in and are able to make a payment to clear their balance. Some do not and CVEC is forced to disconnect service for non-payment based upon energy consumption that occurred 45-75 days in the past.

Levelized Budget Billing

If you would like for your electric bill to be about the same every month, regardless of fluctuations in the weather, you should sign up for CVEC's Levelized Budget Billing Plan. To determine the amount you will pay each month, the Cooperative calculates a rolling average amount based on your usage in the current month and the previous eleven months. There is no settle-up month and you can sign up for Levelized Budget Billing ANY month of the year.

In order to participate in budget billing, you will need to be a residential member and your account must be paid up and have 2 or less late payments in the last 12 months.

Download an application to apply. You can also sign up for this service by calling 800-367-2832, option 3, or emailing

Summary Billing

Members who have multiple meters and facilities, and therefore multiple bills, can have them all itemized in one bill. Our Summary Billing option is free and simple. You will have the convenience of receiving only one bill and sending only one check.

Every month, we'll include the balances of all your individual accounts on a single statement - a Summary Bill. Simply pay the total amount indicated on the Summary Bill statement, and enclose only the Summary Bill payment stub, not the individual payment stubs, with your remittance in the return envelope.

To see your summary billing info online, go the online account portal login page. Enter your account number with three zeros at the end (000) with no hypens. You will then see a summary bill of all of your accounts.

Third Party Notification

CVEC will send a copy of your monthly power bill to a designated friend or family member. If you travel or live alone, this service offers assurance that you won't miss a monthly payment and risk an interruption of electric service.

Pick your Billing Date

You can pick your own billing date which will determine your payment due date. Select your ideal pay date during the month from the 1st to the 15th of the month, or from the 22nd through the 31st.

Be aware that the first bill with this option may be higher or lower than normal as we adjust for shorter or longer billing periods! Also, if your bill has already been processed in the month you sign up, the change will not take effect until the next month.

Members must have two or less late payments in the last 12 monthly, no disconnects in the past 36 months, and been a CVEC member for at least 12 months to be eligible. Should your account be put on a collection list, you will changed back to your original billing date and a letter will be sent advising you of the change.

Serious Medical Conditions

If someone in your household depends on electrically operated medical equipment such as dialysis machines, oxygen machines, or heart monitors, you should contact CVEC to ensure that we have a Serious Medical Condition Certification Form on file that has been signed and certified by your doctor. Read more here.