Many Co-op members select a dusk-to-dawn lighting option.

Attached to a wooden utility pole, these lights are commonly appreciated whether in the farm yard or back yard.

But CVEC also offers decorative lighting options, both commercial/functional and attractive residential choices.

Pay one monthly rate after installation and your Co-op takes care of the rest.

The Benefits:

  • High-quality, decorative light fixtures
  • 14-foot poles for residential
  • 30-foot poles for commercial
  • Improve safety and convenience
  • Reduce crime and enjoy peace of mind
  • Enhance the appearance of business and pedestrian areas
  • Dusk-to-dawn for one monthly rate
  • CVEC replaces the bulb!

The Process:


  • Download the Residential Street Light Application here.
  • Contact CVEC to express interest.
  • Schedule a site visit with a staking technician.
  • Complete the application, including make a fixture selection.
  • Approve the site design and cost estimate.
  • Open & close a trench for wire between existing transformer and light fixture.


  1. Visits the site.
  2. Discusses fixture and location options.
  3. Provides an application.
  4. Provides a sketch and installation cost estimate based upon length of service wire and any necessary equipment.
  5. Receives fees and approved sketch.
  6. Schedules installation.
  7. Provides wire. Delivers and installs pole and light fixture. Connects to transformer.


CVEC-certified excavators should be hired to bury the wire and fill the trench prior to the CVEC installation, saving time and money.

The Rates:

One Monthly Rate*:

  • 55 Watt LED Security | $9.05
  • 100 Watt HPS Lexington Post Top | $13.35
  • 250 Watt HPS Shoebox | $23.37
  • 100 Watt HPS Traditional Post Top | $15.23
  • 150 Watt HPS Traditional Post Top | $16.13
  • 400 Watt HPS Flood | $18.73

* Total 30-day monthly cost before county tax and monthly power cost adjustment

(NOTE: No residential light is available for Albemarle County due to the lighting ordinance.)

 A stock image of a flood light.