MyCVEC Mobile App

This mobile app gives CVEC members account and outage information anytime and anywhere.


With it installed and activated on an Apple or Android phone, members can:

  • access information on their accounts
  • make payments (via credit/debit/ACH check)
  • check service statuses and report outages
  • watch the progress of service restoration with real-time maps
  • receive notices and outage information

Once you download the app, you will need to enter a valid account number (no hyphens), select your notification settings, and add an account nickname. (Use a name such as "HOME.")

Available on the iPhone App Store
The iPhone App Store logo. 

Available for download on Google Play
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Outage Text Messaging

Now CVEC members have the option of having their Cooperative communicate with them about outages through texting ... another convenient way to stay in touch.

Members who sign up for this service will be able to get status updates and report outages via text. By texting, members communicate directly with CVEC's interactive voice response system, so reporting is fast and easy. As soon as our crews restore power, a text will be sent telling members that their power is back on, whether they are home or away.

Texting Instructions

Opt in to Text Messaging

  1. Sign up for our text notifications here.
  2. If you are Opting In for the first time, select the
    Opt In for New SMS Notification.
  3. From here you will be asked to enter a valid CVEC account number (no hyphens), cell phone number, and an account nickname. (Just make up a name such as "HOME" or "CVECTEXT.") You must enter all of these fields to be successfully “Opted-In” to the service.

    A nickname allows a user to enroll for outage reporting or outage notifications on multiple accounts tied to the same cell phone number. But it identifies those accounts with a name such as WELL, BARN, LAKE, etc. The user is then able to report an outage by texting #Outage BARN to indicate the location for which they would like to report the outage. If the user has multiple accounts and forgets to enter the nickname, the system will provide them a list of their registered nicknames to choose from in the reply.
  4. The online system will show you a summary of the account(s) which are tied to the cell phone number provided and allow you to add new cell phones or account numbers to each of the accounts. 
  5. Once you have successfully enrolled, you will receive a text message on the registered phone, acknowledging enrollment. 
  6. To report an outage, use the registered cell phone to text #OUT to 85700. Within a few seconds, you should receive a response stating: “We have entered outage ticket number XXXXXXXX. Power has been reported out at (service address).”
  7. Once the outage is restored, you should also receive a notification that the power is restored.

Manage Text Notifications

  1. Access the texting notification page here.
  2. Click on the Enroll in/Manage Text Messaging Notification Option from the utility website.
  3. This will take you to the Opt In page for CVEC. Click on the Manage Existing Opt In Notifications button.
  4. The system will ask you to enter your account number (no hyphens) and cell phone number which are currently registered for text notifications.
  5. Once logged in, you will see a page similar to the one below and will be allowed to add new cell numbers and accounts. Once you complete your update, click on Done Registering Cell Phones.